Loyal and fiercely protective dog


An average two year old Boerboel, pronounced “boo-r-bull”, will be an intimidating mass of 90 kilos or thereabout.

It averages 24 to 28 inches in height at the shoulder.

But forget its well build body and everything; here is a loyal and unbelievably docile dog that will handle your home security matters very competently.

But it has to be well pampered, housed and trained from its early days.

We recently observed one from a distance at a five acre farm in Nkuunga, on the outskirts of Meru Town.

The compound is expansive, with some thickets around it. And some hilly side so that walking around, especially in the evenings as a form of exercise or for relaxation, is a natural attraction.

We spot some two year old baby walking ahead of a calm, observant dog.

From the distance we have taken, could see obvious loyalty and dedication to duty. The walk is slow and wobbly but it goes on for around thirty minutes uninterrupted.

When the baby takes a turn back into the house, the dog follows without any questions.

No barking; not theatrics, just commitment.

“I love its loyalty to my family and especially kids,” says Arnold Khagai, the owner of the farm.

He is also the overall master in terms of this dog’s command as he introduced it here.

As a salesman, he takes assignments that take him across the country, sometimes for long. Then there are petty thieves who are always on the lookout for opportunities to sneak in and take advantage when home owners aren’t in.

“I needed a dog to protect my home and also secure my people whenever I was out.”

In his case, it’s the relationship the dog has for the baby that impresses him most.

“When the baby steps out, Major will abandon everything and follow the kid without interruption.

I love the intelligence and diligence. It will never outpace the baby ad will always be on alert just in case.”

He named the dog Major because of the authority it exudes in execution of duty.

As the name suggests, the dog has a Boer link. It was brought into South Africa by the Dutch settlers to protect their farms against hyenas, wild cats, baboons and other animals.

Mastiffs and Bulldogs came with the English, and often crossbred.

Khagai’s is a Boerboel mastiff.

Known to be very loving and protective to human children, they are very good guardians of children but can sometimes be overprotective, sometimes making it hard for children to play with mates.

Playful without being noisy, the dog loves to socialize with its owners hence a bit hard for first time dog owners to handle it.

When it comes to other dogs, Boerboels do well with animals that they have been raised with and live in the same household, but they can be quite territorial and standoffish with unfamiliar dogs.

When it barks, there is a threat and it is ready to strike.

A pure Boerboel puppy will costs between Sh40, 000 and Sh 10,000.

Always buy from accredited breeders and involve your vet, otherwise a mongrel of any dog is fiercely dangerous.

In cases where you have visitors who come in without appointment, you may have to find a way of proper clearance to avoid attacks.

“This dog won’t appreciate being confined as it has a lot of energy,” Khagai says.

If idle in confinement, it will easily get imaginative, which could lead to escapes that could pose serious threat.

And don’t forget to fence your compound well if you have this dog in mind.

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